Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Question by SwtLzrdUWGB: I want a man, Man wants sex, I don't want sex, I don't want a man?

I want a man, Man wants sex, I don't want sex, I don't want a man?

So how does this logic work?
I understand men have their temptations but so many seem so focused on it that it's a turn off for me right now. So, how do I find the good men who don't have that as the focus of their relationships? Am I limited to finding them at church or something? Or is it the few I've encountered lately online that are giving men a bad rap? haha
Fine...I'm breaking the "women code" due to popular demand I'm in my mid-twenties.

Best answer:

Answer by Forlorn Hope
if you don't want sex, then you are gonna be very limited on the men interested in you...

sex is very important... you don't want it, stay single...!!!

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