Tuesday, April 19, 2011

call, Criminal, Traffic, Jan.
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Jan. 31 criminal, traffic call

SARAH SCHMIDTsschmidt@parisbeacon.com

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Recollections of an intrepid Meiji traveler

The most interesting thing about Ryuhoku Narushima (1837-1884), author of the "New Chronicles of Yanagibashi" and "Diary of a Journey to the West" is how much this scholar, journalist, traveler and writer got up to. The two books collected in this volume hint at his breadth. The first, "New Chronicles of Yanagibashi," deals with life in the "flower and willow world" of Meiji, Tokyo.

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Dave on Demand: All those cardboard celebrities

Let's get something straight, shall we? The concept of what constitutes a "celebrity" has gotten bizarrely warped. Stretched beyond all recognition, like bad Play-Doh.

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Berlusconi's 'Ruby' expected at Vienna Opera Ball

VIENNA â€" "Ruby", the young woman at the heart of a sex scandal involving Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, will attend this year's Vienna Opera Ball, entrepreneur Richard Lugner announced Tuesday.

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